• Separated places for cooking, vegetable chopping, cleaning and store room facilities.
  • Environment friendly hi-tech 7 HP contaminated gas exhaust 70 feet height chimneys are installed.
  • Centralized gas cooking system with steel pipelines, control valves & non return/relieve valves for safety.
  • Kitchen has a cooking capacity for 3000 floating guests, supported by steam pressure cooking facility. 25 KG, 15 min cooking time, 3 rice pressure cookers. 3 pans to cook 70 parotas and a cooker to cook 225 idlis at a time.
  • Gas stoves, large/small cooking vessels, rasam/daal/milk cookers, upama/dosa pans, midha/ wheat powder mixers, large wet grinders, onion choppers, potato fillers etc. are provided in kitchen.
  • Separate non veg. kitchen with storeroom, spot washing and hi-tech chimneys to exhaust cooking/burnt gases.
  • 2 large fry pans, 100 KG capacity two dum biryani stoves, 2 tandoori roti stoves/ovens, barbeques, large/small cooking vessels and other utensils are provided separately for non vegetarian cooking.
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